We offer a number of additional services especially for our customers!


We transport not only complete loads but also partial loads. This means that you don't need to have a complete load before we want to transport your goods.  When you have a partial load, so if you do not have enough goods for a full cargo, that cargo is combined with another partial load.

This is both cost effective for the customer and environmentally friendly. It's cost effective because otherwise the customer had to pay a full load when the load is really only a part. And it's environmentally friendly because we safe ourselves a trip.


We are specialized in the transportation of steel, wood, plastic en all sorts of piece goods. Furthermore we also transport dangerous substances, and fully following the ADR. 


One of our trucks is equipped with a palletbox containing 34 Europallets. When picking up the goods, the empty pallets are traded for the full pallets. This means that the customer doesn't need to buy extra pallets, this is cost efficient for our customers. When we deliver, we trade the full pallets for empty ones.


Further we would like to add that we are able to respond immediately to incoming transport requests. 


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